Bicycle storage: our own storage lockers or the rack in our car park space is best.

For regular bicycle usage, we adopt the registration system and park our bikes in the Bike Room (on Level A of the garage).

The Condo Board's registration system requires stickers to be affixed to our bicycles for identification.

Within in the Bike Room: Thank you for using the racks where possible, and for keeping bikes upright

It is against our condo rules to take a bike up to a unit (or store a bike on our balcony).
Also, condo rules don't allow bringing a bike through the lobby, a hallway or in one of our building elevators.

Getting our bikes out of the garage is easy, and we can choose between the Nepean or Lisgar Street exits. Getting back in, however, can be trickier.

Here are the options:
1. If your cell phone is hooked up to the lobby- and garage-door systems (the property manager can help if not) just punch in your assigned code on either of the garage entry keypads. Press 9 when your phone rings to open the overhead door. 
2. A key fob will also open the garage doors. If you don't have one, they're available from the Superintendent.
3. Walk your bike in through the pedestrian entry to the right of the Lisgar Street garage door. This doesn’t work from Nepean Street because the elevator lobby comes between you and the garage.


Written by residents for residents