Moving Policies

Please consult the Condo Rules & Regulations for exact protocol

  1. A reservation for an elevator needs to be made with the property manager 5 days in advance of any move (or unit work/renovation).

  2. Except with prior written consent of the Board, our moves can only be scheduled during the hours of Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm.

  3. The reservation fee is $75. (For single-delivery item, the fee does not apply).

  4. Both reservation and fee are due 5 days prior to the reservation date.

  5. Elevator doors are not to by held or propped open (this will trigger an alarm), please use the 'Door Open' button.

  6. There is a returnable $200 damage deposit upon reservation. (For single-delivery item, the fee does not apply).

  7. The owner reserving the elevator is responsible for any common-element damages arising from their move.

  8. Please see the Condo Rules & Regulations in place for situations where a moving person does not book an elevator. (Download pdf of Rules here)


Moving a single piece of furniture, an appliance or workers equipment

The elevator must be booked with prior notice so that the protective covers can be put in place. There is no charge for this kind of elevator reservation, however each person is responsible for any damages caused. (Download elevator booking form here)


Written by residents for residents