HVAC in-unit

In-unit HVACs (in-unit heat pump/AC system) are owned by the unit owner and each owner is responsible for their own annual HVAC service.

Twice each year the Hudson Park building HVAC systems switch mode (winter to summer / summer to winter). After the building switches is a good time to have your own, annual, in-unit inspection for your own HVAC system.

In both Spring and Fall the Communications Committee volunteers here at Hudson Park help to facilitate a group booking for in-unit HVAC services: to make savings for unit owners. Below is the information for this.

Please let the volunteers know of your interest by completing the form at the foot of this page. As this initiative is coordinated by volunteer residents, it may not be possible for an immediate reply.

For immediate concerns regarding your in-unit HVAC: please contact a reputable HVAC company.

VERY IMPORTANT: If circumstances require a specific appointment time - or even a guaranteed range of appointment time - then this volunteer initiative is not the way to arrange your service.


The Spring sign-up has closed. Please let us know if you are interested in the Fall, 2019 HVAC schedule (by filling in the form below - or writing to thehudsonparkbench@gmail.com


  • The company that the volunteers currently work with is Vision Air Conditioning and Heating – the same company that services the buildings’ systems

  • The cost for an individually booked HVAC inspection is $175 plus HST

  • The cost for ‘group-rate’ bookings (through Hudson Park volunteers) is $110 plus HST per unit (at 13% this will be $124.30)

  • Payment is on the day of the service upon receipt of the invoice

  • The technician does not have a credit card machine

  • Exact cash, or cheque (made payable to Vision Air Conditioning and Heating)


  • If you are able to supply him with one, the technician will install your new filter at the same time as the service

  • Alternatively, you could order a filter from Vision Air: use the form below to indicate the dimension for the filter

  • A Vision Air filter is $18 and there are 4 known sizes. If you find that your aperture is a different measurement, then please make this clear with a 2 week turn around time.

  • It is perfectly acceptable to tape two ‘store-bought’ filters together to put in your HVAC as long as the aperture is covered. There are many hardware stores in the city selling packs of filters that are cost-effective and do the job. These filters and even purpose-bought filters can always be taped in; to keep them secure

  • Filter sizes from Vision Air are: a) 16x24x1, b) 20x31.35x1, c) 17.5x36x1 or d) 16x30x1 all measurements in inches


  • Someone needs to be present in your unit for the service: The in-unit HVAC systems are the responsibility of the unit owners and Hudson Park staff can not be tasked with being there for the unit owner

  • The ‘group rate’ services are done one after the other; flowing through the names and addresses

  • A usual service will average 20 minutes

  • It is not possible to specify an appointment time

  • It may be possible to indicate a.m. or p.m. – although the late morning appointments may slip to early afternoon. Similarly, the early afternoon appointments may slip earlier to late morning

  • The first appointment for each of the dates will be 7:00 a.m. It is possible to request to be in the first half of the schedule but that doesn’t give a specific time, or any guarantee

  • Always, the unit is pulled out to properly inspect the drain pan and drain (to avoid slow leakage to the unit below you)

  • The technician will clean the area after the service is complete

  • To being the process, please complete the form below - if you are uncomfortable with online forms: please send all the information that is requested below, in an email to thehudsonparkbench@gmail.com



Please complete the form below
If you are uncomfortable with online forms: please send all the information that is requested below, in an email to thehudsonparkbench@gmail.com

Name of unit owner *
Name of unit owner
Name of resident if not the owner
Name of resident if not the owner
A filter ($18) from Vision Air *
If you wish to order a filter for the technician to bring...
Your building address *
Service date *
The Spring sign up is closed BUT:

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HVAC in-unit group services are coordinated by volunteer residents in the Hudson Park Communications Committee

More information about your in-unit HVAC (a webpage in the ‘Maintenance’ section of this website)